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List of Abstracts of Doctoral Dissertions
Volume & Year Abstracts
Vol.XIV No.1
March 2000
1.  Fiscal Policy Model for India
2.  Role of Financial Institution in the Industrial      Development of Punjab
3.  Performance of Public Sector Commercial Banks - A Case Study of State Bank of Hyderabad
4.  Performance Effectiveness of Nationalised Banks: A Case study of Syndicate Bank
5.  Problem of Long Term Agricultural Credit: A Case of Badaun District (India)
6.  Human Resource Accounting in Selected Central Public Enterprises of India
7.  India's engineering exports: Growth, Concentration  and diversification
Vol.XIV No.II 
June 2000 
1. Half Yearly Financial Results and Behaviour of Share prices in India
2. Capitalisation and Capital Structure in Indian  Industries
3. Managerial Effectiveness of Women Officers - A  Study in public sector banks
4. Economic Development of Arunachal Pradesh
5. A Monetary model of India's Trade Balance and Inflation
6. A Study of Middle Class Investor's Preferences for Financial Instruments in Greater Bombay
7. Working Capital MAnagement in paper industry
8. Cost Accounting Practices A Comparative Study of Some selected companies in india and Jordan
Vol.XIV No.3
September 2000
1. An Analysis of social cost benefit in steel authority of India Ltd
2. Export marketing of non-traditional items in  Bangladesh: problems and prospects
3. Bhuiyan Estimation of Poverty & Income distribution in Meghalaya: An empirical investigation
4. Privatization and Liberalization for Industrial development in India and other developing    countries
5.Theory of Fiscal Policy and economic development in Indian economy
6. Navin Prasad    Khadi and Village Industries in Thiruchirapalli District: A Study of Financial Management
7.Foreign Investment in India
Vol.XIV No.4 
December 2000
1.Economic viability and equity issues in financial institutional reforms- A study of regional rural banks in Punjab
2. Anatomy of overtrading in corporate performance    with special reference to Indian panorama
3. A study of the performance of multi-agency housing finance institutions with particular reference to housing development finance corporation limited,    life insurance corporation and housing co- operatives
4. Performance appraisal of mutual funds in India
5. Price Behaviour in macro economy : A sectoral approach
6. Performance Appraisal of Public Limited Electronics Companies In Gujrat State
7. Mutual Funds- Emerging Trends and Prospects
Vol.XV No.1
March 2001
1. Working Capital Management in Paper Industry
2. Impact of Bank Lending on the Economic Status of the Weaker Sections of Tamilnadu
3. A Study of Development of Rrural-Enterpreneurship with Reference to the Dibrugarh Districtof Assam
4. Physical and Financial Planning Through India's Five year Plans and Finance
Commission   Methodologies
5. Role, Organisation and Problems of Small Scale units in Vizinagram, Srikakulam and Visakhapatnum
Vol.XV No.II
 June 2001 
1. Mutual funds in India : a study of Investment  Management
2. Performance of Industrial Credit Investment  Corporation of India
3. Working capitalmManagement of Horticulture industry in h.p. - case study of HPMC
4. Working capital management in small scale  industries - A Study of Cuddapah District,     Andhra Pradesh
5. A Study of Stock market efficiency in india
6. Unit cost of Higher Education : A case study of colleges in Mizoram
7. A correlational study of leadership style, personality and turnover
Vol.XV No.3
September 2001
1. Marine fisheries finance in kanyakumari district -& an economic study
2. Examining international competitiveness of india's & 966 financial services
3. Performance of nabard schemes for weaker sections in andhra pradesh
4. Mutual funds perceptions of urban and rural & investors
5. A study of stock market efficiency in india
6. A study on working capital management in non-& banking finance companies
7. Financial management practices of small business & units
Vol.XV No.4 
December 2001
1. A study on project financing by industrial finance corporation of india limited.
2. Organisational change for effectiveness (a case study of merger of madras dock labour    board with madras port trust)
3. Agricultural credit in ri-bhol district of meghalaya & (a case study of four villages)
4. Impact of bank finance on the weaker sections & with preference to the integrated rural & development programme [ irdp] in the pullambadai block of lalgudi taluk, tiruchirapalli & district.
5. Management accounting practises in selected cooperatives in tamil nadu
6. Financial markets and economic growth : an analysis 1324 of contemporary developments in india
Vol.XVI No.1
March 2002
1. Budgetary trends of the meghalaya government finances 1972-73 to 1997-98
2. Role of urban housing finance institutions in karnataka -a study of selected housing finance corporations in bangalore city
3. Venture capital finance in india :practices, perspectives and issues
4. A study of managerial ability of farmers in relation to economic efficiency on rice based farms of south bihar.
Vol.XVI No.2 
June 2002
1. Development of banking and financial institutions in meghalaya since 1972
2. Financing & cost recovery in higher education : a study with special reference to private colleges in andhra pradesh
3. Agriculture development & change : an analysis of post green revolution in an indian state
4. Association of linear algebra with special functions
Vol.XVI No.3
September 2002
1. Financial performance evaluation of selected pharmaceutical companies in india -a case study
2. Impact of international financing on public health services india
3. A study on the performance of indian shipping with reference to its problems and prospects
4. Critical study of the changes gold prices causes and consequences (1951-1991) special reference to india
Vol.XVI No.4 
December 2002
1. New dimensions in the working of financial institutions in india
2. Evaluation of lease financing a study of select companies in andhra pradesh
3. Some aspects of modeling in reliability theory
4. A study of human resource development (hrd) practices in scheduled, cooperative and public sector banks in kolhapur district
Vol.XVII No.1
March 2003
1. Mobilization of deposits by co-operative central banks in a.p : a study of select banks
2. Impact of national watershed development project (nwdp) on agriculture production tribal area of southern rajasthan
3. Developing techno-managerial human resources for restructuring the indian power sector: a policy framework for transformation
4. Comparative study of knowledge, attitude and impact of dwcra programme on tribal and non- tribal beneficiaries of udaipur district
Vol.XVII No.2 
June 2003

1. The role of primary agricultural co-operative credit societies in farm credit-a case study of east godavari district (a.p)
2. Energy consumption patter in rural households of assam : a casev study of jorhat sub-division
3. Problems and prospects of selected computers centres in kolhapur and sangli districts
4. Dairy co-operative societies in karnataka

Vol.XVII No.3
September 2003
1. Financial performance of paper industry in andhra pradesh
2. Time-series modelling in financial markets: new approaches and exchange rate applications
3. Life insurance corporation of india, its products and their performance evaluation: a special reference to gulbarga district
4. Marketing of tea with special refrence to the tea industries of assam





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